Who we are

Funditech Service Co-operative Society Ltd was registered in December 2017 under the Cooperative Societies Act (CAP.490, Section 6 (3)) by registrar of Co-operative Societies as the pioneer service co-operative society in Kenya. The co-operative brings together professionals from fundis and technicians in the building and construction Industry in Kenya.

The cooperative acts as the quality workmanship assurance component between professionals, clients, contractors and stakeholders like policy makers & regulators, manufacturers, real estate, developers, financial institutions, technical training institutions.


Equality and Equity

Funditech aims to promote a level playing field for all our members as well as our clients.

Our Core Values

Professionalism and Reliability

Funditech promotes accountability from all our members, which results in exceptional work

Advanced Quality Workmanship

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Because our members undergo training in their respective fields, their ability to do their job is unparalleled

What sets us apart

Transparency and Accountability

You can rest assured that your project will be dealt with in a clear and open manner

Why Choose us

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Keep tabs on your project and react to unforeseen situations quickly and effectively

Getting things done Right

Partnerships and Networking

Meet like minded individuals, exchange ideas and learn from those with experience

Expand your potential


Technicians, Supervisors and Experts in our database


Projects completed in 2 years


Available in 10 counties and spreading fast


Managing Risks with EPS

Over the last 15 years, significant losses have occurred associated with large fires in which sandwich panels (EPS) have been a feature. Many have related to risks within the food manufacturing sector.