Our Mission

The mission of the co-operative is, “To mobilize and deploy experienced and reliable fundis’ for
quality service delivery to the community that provides equitable pay in building and construction
industry in Kenya”.

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation pushing this common vision. All this requires time and investment.

Who we Are

Funditech Service Co-operative Society Ltd was registered in December 2017 under the Cooperative Societies Act (CAP.490, Section 6 (3)) by registrar of Co-operative Societies as the pioneer service co-operative society in Kenya. The co-operative brings together professionals from fundis and technicians in the building and construction Industry in Kenya.

The cooperative acts as the quality workmanship assurance component between professionals, clients, contractors and stakeholders like policy makers & regulators, manufacturers, real estate, developers, financial institutions, technical training institutions.

Our Objectives

a) To organize and promote the welfare and economic interest of its members
b) To undertake construction works for the purpose of earning revenue and commissions to society as well as the individual members involved in the construction industry
c) To solicit for opportunities in form of works on behalf of members at competitive and favorable rates
d) To undertake work and contracts won by individual members at agreed rates favorable to the society
e) To bring together members with various Artisanry and Technical supervisory skills
f) To be a source and one stop shop for all services needed in construction industry
g) To foster education and training of members, committee members and employees
h) To provide co-operation and good will between members and society
i) To co-operate with other co-operatives in order to promote members interest and in furtherance of the society’s objectives
j) To apply the co-operative principle of co-operatives in order to promote member interests

Our Guiding Principles

Observe and comply with the society s by –laws and decisions taken by relevant organs of the society
Equality and equity
Professionalism and Reliability
Effectiveness and Efficiency
Transparency and Accountability
Responsiveness and Flexibility
Partnerships and Networking

Get Connected

Funditech is a movement working together to change the nation through a network of skilled professionals, training events and resources. Let’s keep in touch!

Quality service delivery to the community that provides equitable pay in building and construction industry