Who can be our members?

A person shall be eligible for membership if he/she..

Is a Technician, Certificate holder, Craftsman, Grade holder and field trained Person with skills and specialization in the Building & Construction Industry e.g. masonry, electrical, welding and fabrication, tile fixing, Cabro fixing, Steel fixing, plumbing, painting, carpentry & joinery etc.
Has attained the age of 18 years except in case of a minor who is heir to a deceased member
Is not a member of another co-operative society carrying out the same activities
Pays entrance fee and minimum share capital as prescribed in the by-laws
Is of good character and sound mind

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How can you join?

a) An applicant shall be admitted to membership on application upon payment of an entrance fee of ksh3,000.00 and subscribe to such minimum shares as shall be fixed by the general meeting from time to time.
b) Upon application the applicant will be subjected to a (3) three months’ probation period
c) upon admission the members name shall be entered in the membership register and membership number issued.
d) The member shall sign or make thumb mark in the register of members in the presence of two members of the committee to indicate his/her acceptance of the by-laws of the society.
e) Members shall be admitted by the committee subject to confirmation by the next general meeting.
f) The member shall pay for copy of the society by laws at its actual cost to the societ

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